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SNT GRAY GHOST Step-Fade Feeder Light


A self-sustaining, step fading stationary hunting light that produces an amber glow nearly invisible to wildlife. This new concept, elevates the excitement of hog hunting to the next level! Never before, has wildlife been so relaxed feeding while illuminated.


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Benefits / Includes:

  • 20% Brighter LED's with High Efficiency CMOS Processor!
  • 4 Mounting options included (Direct bolt, U-Bolt/Pipe, Buckle Straps & TriPod adapter)
  • Oversized Solar Panel for faster charging and recovery
  • Increased efficiency
  • PIR Sensor senses movement 170° up to 33’
  • Slowly step fades on over 3 minutes, will not to spook game
  • Heads swivel 360° to put light where You want it
  • Illuminates up to 2,200 sq ft.
  • On/Off switch for seasonal use.
  • Set and Forget, unit is self-sustaining with normal sunlight exposure & quality battery.
  • INCLUDES 1 - 12V 7AH Sealed AGM Battery


This light is designed to be a set and forget hunting tool. 100% designed and assembled in the US! With a solar panel more than capable of keeping up with average demand on just about any wildlife traffic, you can rest assured to have a working light when you arrive to hunt. Features include time, lux and PIR sensitivity, runs off a quality 12v feeder battery (included), and has an option for temporary 12v power from a lithium accessory pack (available separately).


It is common knowledge that feral hogs have poor eye sight, however some may not know the following. According to a 3 year study on both feral and domestic hogs done by a reputable university, and years of hunter collected data, swine can actually see better than previously thought. It was determined that they can distinguish friend or foe at nearly 100yds, see in the full IR spectrum, see UV reflection and can see both red (est 6%) and green (est 28%) light sources. Even more important is the fact that they can see shadows, or rather the absence of light. Although some may experience success using Red or Green lights; once the hogs pressured or educated to hunters in the area, they become wary of lights across the know hunting spectrum.


Harvest-Time lights offers an alternative, that when properly used will greatly increase the comfort level of most hogs, as compared to other hunting lights. By combining a very specific amount of both red and green LED’s, we are able to produce a light that is a bright amber glow, easily visible to the hunter, and is very difficult for the hog to see. This is in part to the Step-Fade technology which allows the light to come slowly to full brightness over a period of 3 minutes, and partly due to the fact of how the amber lumens are cast. To the eye of the swine it is nearly invisible and shadows are very hard to distinguish.


NOTE: Each Light is hand assembled and every function fully tested before shipment. Some light boxes may vary in color and shape from stock images, and my have minor imperfections, however core components and LED’s are all the same premium products.

NOTE: Tripod & PVC pipe, not included

SNT GRAY GHOST Premium Feeder Light Package

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