Harvest Time Lights

Is the HT Feeder Light Legal in my State?

Hunting with an artificial light is legal in many states, especially those with feral animal problems. The list below was compiled for the 2020 hunting season, specifically for the use of after hours, artificial light, hunting of feral hogs. Many states listed as “NO”, allow hog hunting, just not at night. Hunter discreation advised.

WARNING! Laws and Hunting Regulations may change at any time, please verify with local governing authorities. We encourage you to observe all State and Local Game laws.

Alabama - YES

Alaska - N/A

Arizona - NO

Arkansas - YES (private land only)

California - YES (general season)

Colorado - YES

Connecticut - N/A

Delaware - N/A

Florida - YES (private land only)

Georgia - YES (private land only)

Hawaii - NO

Idaho - N/A

Illinois - NO

Indiana - YES (private land only)

Iowa - YES

Kansas - YES (your property only)

Kentucky - NO

Louisiana - YES

Maine - N/A

Maryland - N/A

Massachusetts - N/A

Michigan - YES (see regulations)

Minnesota - N/A

Mississippi - YES (private land only)

Missouri - N/A

Montana - N/A

Nebraska - N/A

Nevada - N/A

New Hampshire - NO

New Jersey - NO

New Mexico - NO

New York - N/A

North Carolina - YES

North Dakota - N/A

Ohio - YES (except during deer gun & black powder season)


Oregon - NO

Pennsylvania - NO

Rhode Island - N/A

South Carolina - YES (no WMA lands)

South Dakota - N/A


Texas - YES

Utah - N/A

Vermont - N/A

Virginia - YES

Washington - N/A

West Virginia - NO

Wisconsin - YES

Wyoming - N/A

How many Lumens does the HT Feeder Light produce?

Below are the Harvest-Time feeder light output readings at maximum

brightness for each head. For total calculations multiply the Lux value by 2,

Since this light has “2 heads”.

NOTE: Thanks to the upgraded processor and our 2nd Gen LED bulbs; Premium package lights sold after 11/11/2020 average 20% brighter in all test results.

Source - 12,000 Lux (x2)

6ft - 250 Lux (x2)

20yds - 10 Lux (x2)

20yds - 356 Lumen (45°focused beam est)

A Lux is defined as 1 lumen spread over a square meter (1

Lux equals 1 Lumen/m2), in other words - light intensity / brightness in a

given area. Some manufactures sell lights with a Lumen rating. While this is

not bad, it can be deceiving. For example, why is it possible to cearly see

with a quality brand white light at 100 lumens, while a lesser brand with a

rating of 1000 lumens, may be brighter, but harder to see. Another example. Why

is it a 200 lumen green LED will illuminate very well, but a red LED light of

equal value is less than 1/4 as bright? Intensity, brightness and the overall

ability to see are directly relative to the way the lumens are cast. This can

be best measured with Lux. Harvest-Time lights are built around the principle

that you should be able to "See" to shoot! Depth perception and body

angle are very important, especially with archery shots. You can rest assured

that you will have all the light you need to properly execute your shot.

What is the Optimal Settings for my HT Feeder Light?

Light settings may be adjusted to suit personal preferences or uses, however the dials on the bottom of the Motion Detector have been pre-set from the factory for optimal performance. All notes below are with the “white lens” of the motion detector oriented in the upright / skyward facing direction.

  • Far Left dial “SENSITIVITY” should be fully clockwise for maximum range (10yds) or place at 8-9 o’clock or 270° to reduce triggering by wind and small game.

  • Center dial “TIME” should be set to 3 o’clock or 90°. This will keep the light active for roughly 5 minutes after the last PIR (motion) trigger.

  • Far Right dial “LUX” should be set fully counter-clockwise. This prevents the PIR from triggering during daylight which can drain the battery. NOTE: For testing only, LUX dial can be turned fully clockwise which will trigger the PIR even in broad daylight. Always remember to turn back to counter-clockwise after testing.

  • The wire coming from the SOLAR PANEL, plugs directly in to the jack on the light box. Use the included brackets to mount solar panel vertically or horizontally, but facing the best sun (for most areas in the US, directly South to Southwest pointed toward the sky at a 45° angle, works best).

NOTE: When switch is First turned on, light will likely illuminate and stay on until no motion is sensed regardless of ambient lighting. After PIR sensor fails to sense movement for more than 7 min, light will cycle off and remain off until desired Lux setting is reached and PIR is activated.

Why does my HT Feeder Light look different than pictured?

We are truly grateful of your support for our Veteran owned company. We strive to produce what we feel is one of the best lights on the market. Each Light is assembled by hand right here in the US, and every function fully tested before shipment. Some light boxes may vary in color and shape from stock images, however core components and LED’s are all the same premium products.

What is the Warranty on my HT Feeder Light?

Your Harvest Time – Feeder Lights come with a 1 year from date of purchase, mfg warranty and a limited lifetime warranty against any workmanship defects. Repair services are available for lights outside of the standard warranty period.

Does the HT Feeder Light come with a battery?

At this time, only the Ghost Gray Premium Feeder Light package comes with a battery. All Harvest-Time feeder lights are engineered to use a standard 12V 7AH sealed feeder battery w/ F2 or T2 terminals. Available from Swine-N-Tines or most sporting goods stores. Additionaly the light may be powered by a 12v lithium power pack available in our web store.

If my Hogs are Feeder-Shy; will this light help?

Although the HT Feeder Light is hard for the swine to see, they can still see it to a certain degree. If you see the hogs are already feeder shy or wary of man-made objects, this light will not magically make them comfortable, however, given a few days to get used to the small change, your visitors should settle back into their normal routine. In our experience this only happens with extremely pressured hogs who are already schizophrenic (as we like to call them). We have seen on average, Less than 2 nights of altered behavior as opposed to “other lights” casing disruption in hog traffic for 2 weeks, and in some cases for up to 3 months.

What is the best way to mount my HT Hunter Feeder Light?


  1. Light can be bolted directly onto the feeder or tree using holes in the 2 attached aluminum straps

  2. Light can be attached to tree using the enclosed belt. Note: Aluminum straps mentioned in (1.) Are attached with stand-offs that allow the belt to pass through

  3. Light can be mounted to a 2 inch pipe using the enclosed U-bolt. (2” PVC over T-Post works well for this option)

    1. Do not overtighten, the spacing of the straps allows light to securely grip the pipe

Solar Panel Mounting:

Permanent / Portable Mounting Instructions:

  1. Permanent PVC Over T-Post

    1. Parts

      1. T Post

      2. 8 foot piece of 2 inch plastic pipe

    1. Cut a couple of notches on one end of the pipe

    2. Drive a T Post in leaving roughly 1” of spade above ground

    3. Slip the pipe over the post letting the notches rest on the spade to keep it from rotating

      1. This will index the post. You can then remove the pipe

    1. Attach the light with the U-bolt 7-9 ft above ground

    2. Attach the solar panel with the U-bolt above the light.

    3. Point the light toward the feeder and the solar panel towards the South – Southwest

    4. Slide the pipe back over the T Post making sure the spade enters the notches on the bottom of the pipe

  1. Portable Tri-Pod

    1. Parts

      1. Medium to Heavy Duty tripod

      2. Supplied tripod adapter

    1. Assembly

      1. Attach supplied tripod adapter to straps on rear of light using the supplied thumb screws.

      2. Attach tripod shoe to tripod adapter using the camera screw supplied with your tripod.

      3. Aim lights and motion sensor toward hunting area.

  1. Portable Bucket

    1. Parts

      1. 1 each 5 gallon bucket

      2. 1 each 7 foot piece of 2 inch plastic pipe

      3. 1 each 6 inch piece of 2 inch plastic pipe with a few ½ inch holes drilled in it

      4. 1 each 2 inch plastic pipe coupler

      5. 1 bag of quick set Cement

    1. Assembly

      1. Press 6 inch piece of pipe into coupler

      2. Fill bucket 6 inches deep with cement

      3. Push pipe with coupler into the cement to the bottom of the bucket, with coupler facing upwards

      4. Let cement set

      5. Cut 2" hole in center of bucket lid

      6. Attach light and solar panel to the 8 foot pipe as in above (permanent) mounting

      7. Position the bucket and install lid. Slide pipe through lid and press into the coupler.

      8. This system can easily be moved to be downwind of the feeder

      9. This system can also be moved from feeder to feeder.

      10. Note: Sanding or lightly grinding the outside lower end of PVC pipe, can aid in removal of pipe from coupler.

What is the best way to mount my HT Premium Feeder Light?

Light Mounting:

Note: Directions for mounting Premium Package Lights are the same as all other packages, with the following exceptions.

  1. Additionally, Light can be laid on its back and mounted to a tripod using the enclosed aluminum tripod adapter using the 2 supplied thumb screws

    1. Swine-N-Tines offers a lithium battery that can be used to temporarily power the light available in our web store.

      1. This battery is much lighter and is intended for a one night hunt and should be charged thereafter.

      2. The battery must be recharged using the included wall charger. Note: Lithium battery is NOT solar panel compatible.

  1. Portable Tri-Pod

    1. Parts

      1. Medium to Heavy Duty tripod

      2. Supplied tripod adapter

    1. Assembly

      1. Attach supplied tripod adapter to straps on rear of light using the supplied thumb screws.

      2. Attach tripod shoe to tripod adapter using the camera screw supplied with your tripod.

      3. Aim lights and motion sensor toward hunting area.

What if my HT Light looks dim, or my Battery dies?

Battery Failure

In case of limited sun or excessive activity, the battery may not have a chance to fully recover / charge. A quick way to check is to look at the LED's. If the green LED's do not illuminate, with only the red LEDs illuminated, the battery is low. Below are a few options for troubleshooting and help. Note: Light can be activated by turning lux dial clockwise all the way to the right (do not forget to turn it back counter-clockwise to the left before leaving).
  1. If light does not illuminate at all, check connections to battery.
  2. Make sure solar panel has a clear view of the Southern sky. If not, you should consider additional solar panels with a HT "Y" adapter.
  3. Replace battery with one fully charged.
  4. Turn power off. The battery will recharge in 1-2 days of sunlight (turn light back on when ready to use).
  5. A Harvest Time lithium battery can also be used
    1. The lithium battery must be recharged using the included charger. Note: Lithium battery is NOT solar panel compatible.
    2. Plug in the lithium battery into solar panel port (or internal port if equipped).

How long will my HT Feeder Light last?

You should expect many years of use from your HT Feeder light. To date it is the longest lasting light commercially available. Our wear components are extremly robust. The box used is a commercial electrical box made of a UV Rated ABS blend. It is NEMA 1, 2, 4, and 4X rated, UL Listed (file no. E194432). Additionally the box as manafactured, is Waterproof to IP65 and IP66 specifications. The head necks are outdoor UV rated flex electrical conduit and the heads are cast from a fishing lure epoxy with a UV inhibitor.

What are the differences in the HT Light Packages?

SNT offers 3 packages in the HT Ghost Gray Light series. While all HT hunting lights are designed to be self sustaining, there are significant benefits to the upgraded packages. HUNTER: Standard Light package, 3 mounting options & 8W solar panel. Great for normal wildlife traffic. X-CELL: Same as Hunter package, but with upgraded high-efficiency 20W solar panel. Great for feeders with heaiver traffic or locations that do not get as much direct sunlight. PREMIUM: Same as X-Cell package, but comes with the following upgrades / acessories, AGM Battery, Tripod mount adapter, High-efficiency Processor, & 20% Brighter LED's! Perfect for the hunter who wants it all without having to buy any additional battery. Awesome for feeders with heavy traffic. Thanks to the upgraded processor, although 20% brighter, battery consumption is lower than our Hunter & X-Cell package lights.

Orders, Shipping & Returns

What payment methods are accepted?

Paypal or any major Credit Card is accepted.. Checks or Money orders are Not accepted at this time.

Can I change or cancel an order after it has been placed?

If you would like to change or cancel your order,simply contact us as soon as possible. Our goal is to ship orders within 1 Business day of order receipt.

What is your Return Policy?

No Hassle Returns! Our goal is your complete satisfaction. If for any reason you are not satis fiedwith your purchase in the first 30 days after order placement, please contact us immediately! We will send a label for free return shipping end do our very best to rectify the situation.

Note: We have made every effort to display product as accurately as possible, however, actual colors you see may vary slightly.

What is your expected shipping time?

For made to order items, such as paracord gear you can expect your product to be custom made & ship, within 7-10 days. For stock merchandise, handling goal is same day, no later than 1 business day, with the exception of Holiday and Rush season which could result in a slightly longer handling time. If for some reason an item you order is out of stock, you will be notified within the order fulfilment timeline of 1 business day, with the exception of Holiday and Rush season which could result in a slightly longer handling time.

What shipping carriers do you use?

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