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The Faultline shaft is a small diameter shaft (.204 ID). It is constructed for the hunter who doesn’t want to compromise on weight, but also doesn’t want an ultra-light shaft. With a great mid weight GPI, the Faultline is a great all around hunting shaft for large and small game. For the target shooters, the GPI is very builder friendly. Add glue in tips and you have a great all around 3-D arrow with less wind drift than a standard diameter shaft. This shaft is also manufactured using high modulus carbon to give it more integral strength and more sufficient energy transfer.


    ID: .204

    NOCK: X

    BRAND: Element

    SHAFT: Fault Line



    300 SPINE.204 ID9.4 GPI.003 STRAIGHTNESS
    350 SPINE.204 ID8.5 GPI


    400 SPINE.204 ID7.9 GPI.003 STRAIGHTNESS


    SNT Premium Custom Arrows are what you need to take your Hunt or Game to the next level! Not only will your arrows group better, any tuning process is simplified by virtually eliminating the variables from arrow to arrow.

    All Premium grade arrows are built as follows.

    • Spine Matched & Weighed: Every dozen of carbon shafts are spine matched and weighed to be within the selected tolerances. If there is a shaft that doesn't meet tolerance or spec, it is pulled and replaced.
    • Squared/Trued: Each carbon shaft is cut to length then mandrel spun at +/- 1,700 RPM against diamond plate with .0005 square tolerance. This leaves shaft end as perfectly squared as is mechanically possible, allowing all components to seat perfectly.
    • Component Installation: All shafts are hand wiped using only the best residue free cleaners to remove any oil or dust deposits, securing the best bond possible. Inserts, Outserts, & Half-Serts are then set in place using industrial grade slow cure (24hr) epoxy. This allows the components to take impact after impact without compromising the structural integrity of the bond.
    • Spine Indexed: After shaft build is complete and components cured in place; using a precision device, arrows are spine indexed to find their dynamic (or soft point) in spine (note: after shaft is cut and built, the dynamic spine can change from where indicated by some mfg’s). By marking this we are able to fletch all arrows using the same index. This allows all arrows to leave the bow the same way and provide carbon-copy flight characteristics.
    • Fletching: Whether the Aerovane® Jig by FireNock, or the Zenith upgraded Bitz, each fletching is installed with utmost precision, tightest tolerances and using only the best adhesives. Shafts are fletched with Cock Vane on Dynamic Spine.
    • Post Squaring: Due to mfg process or impacts during shipping, some components can become mis-shapen. Just a small imperfection, hardly visible by the human eye, can affect the seat of the Broadhead or FP causing flight deviation. After arrows are completely built and adhesives cured, shafts are spun on mandrel/truing plate again to ensure components are perfectly true.

    Element - Fault Line

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