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Rebuild any "out of warranty" Gray Ghost model light using the newest componets. To be re-built / upgraded at our R&D Facility. Turn around time is typically less than 5 working days. Purchase includes retun shipping. 


  • Updated Premium LED heads
  • Upgrade to Lowest power consumption CMOS processor
  • Color Selectable switches to control Red & Green
  • Upgrade motion sensor to newest version
  • Repair other faulty components such as jacks, switches, and damaged wiring


*NOTE: Use code REBUILD for 50% off Remote Retrofit when combined with Light Rebuild

*NOTE: Existing box and any reusable components will be used. Instructions below. 


  1. Print copy of order (Alternately write order number, name, return address, phone number and email on a piece of paper) and place inside light battery compartment.
  2. Package "light only" and ship to the following address. 



20612 Sandusky Rd #962

Tonganoxie, KS 66086

SNT GRAY GHOST Light Rebuild

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